The biggest changes in my life have come from the smallest decisions” - Avicii

My life as a dj

About me 

My name is Ristore. I am an 19-year-old producer and a DJ from Longmont colorado, and Maastricht, the Netherlands, living in LA. I have been producing music for nearly a decade, starting on the cello when I was just seven years old. Music has always been a part of my life, and when I began producing EDM, I realized I wanted to present my music to people, engage with the crowd and feed off their energy. I decided to take up DJing a while ago when I realized it was a fantastic way to connect with people who love music and enjoy dancing, jumping, etc. Being a classically trained cellist for nearly 12 years, I never thought that playing clubs, festivals, and so on was something I would ever have the pleasure to do, but here we are, making my dreams become reality. In the coming year, I am going on to study music production and sound engineering at Abbey Road Studios, where I will further build my production skills, alongside meeting many amazing new people. Making and sharing music with the world in any way I can is the only thing I want to do with this life, so, if you are interested, take a listen to some of my music and let me provide your crowd with an engaging and electrifying experience through the art of DJing.